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Skype Password Hack

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Why and when to use Skype Password Hack

Skype is today’s number one voice over IP and instant messaging client in the world. Thanks to its superb performance, user friendly interface and incredible capacity for storing messages, it is used even more as instant messenger than many other programs specialized for that sort of communication. While we don’t want to enforce privacy violation policy, we understand that sometimes it is important to log into other user’s accounts, usually in order to check their communication for their own benefit, and that is exactly what Skype Password Hack is made for. If you are suspecting your loved one to be involved in adultery, checking his or hers Skype account can reveal valuable information to you. Maybe you have problematic children, and you are suspecting them to be in bad company or maybe even have drug problems. Again, checking their Skype account can be valuable help in protecting and helping them. From personal experience we can tell that in few occasions Skype Password Hacker literally saved lives. That is why we believe Skype Password Hack is used primarily for good purpose, or we wouldn’t try so hard to make it and release in public. This is posted when we started to test our hacker tool for the first time.

How to use Skype Hacker

Skype Password Hack is the first tool in Skype Hack program. It is used fairly simple as long as you know some basic facts about how to use it and what to look for. It has one and simple goal, to crack another user’s password and make it available for you. To accomplish this, you need to know some information about your victim first. User is best identified by his Skype username, since that name is unique for each user. People usually mistake and think that user name shown in the contact list is Skype name, but this is not true. User’s Skype name is easiest to find if you right click on user’s name in your contact list and choose “View Profile” option. You will find Skype name in there. Copy it and paste it into first text field of Skype Account Hacker.

Skype Password Hacker - Profile Successfully Hacked

Additional Security measures

Next two options are very important and their proper use can save you time and effort as you can avoid many problems and security issues with Skype Password Hack. Let’s talk first about “Use proxy” option. This option is used in case you have static IP address. If you have dynamic IP address you don’t need to turn this option on. If you are not sure about what IP address you have or you simply don’t know, we recommend you always activate “Use proxy” option. This option is used for hiding your IP address so your hacking attempt cannot be traced back to your computer and Skype Profile Hack on it. That way even if hacking attempt is not successful you will not be discovered and can try again later. If you ask yourself why not selecting “Use proxy” option always, it is simply a matter of time consuming. Using proxy makes your data flow slower and hacking process slows down a bit. If you are in hurry or you are sure to have dynamic IP address you better turn it off. Second option available is mode of hacking. You can set this option to “Safe mode” or “Fast mode”. We recommend “Safe mode” since this mode will hide any changes Skype Password Hack makes to your victim’s account and is guaranteed to safely crack the password without raising any alarm or activating security programs on Skype server. This option from Skype Password Hack, however, makes hacking time almost twice as long so you must wait couple of more minutes for password to be hacked. If you don’t have enough time or you suspect victim will be soon near the computer so you want to hurry, you can use “Fast mode” for Skype Password Hacker. Fast mode is twice as fast as Safe mode, but it is a bit less reliable and has around 75% efficiency comparing to Safe mode.

Last step

After you entered Skype name and decided what additional options to choose, all you need to do is click on “Hack Profile” button. Wait for the green bar to fill; it can take anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes, and sometimes up to 10 minutes with Safe mode and “Use proxy” activated. When you see “Account Successfully hacked” message appearing on the screen, password will show too in blank text box. You can copy it or write it down. After that you can safely close Skype Password Hack, start your Skype Client and enter the user’s account using copied password.

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How Skype Hack works

While we will not explain in details how Skype Hacker Tool works, we can explain some principles. First of all, our program is NOT key logger, and it doesn’t hack user’s computer or tries to invade his system in any way. Skype Password Hack is made around several bugs in Skype server security system. Over the years it became obvious that Skype has some fairly poor security protocols and getting passwords or other user data is best done from Skype server itself. For example, Skype uses Traffic analysis feature therefore failing to provide anonymous communications since traffic analysis channel can also be hacked and use to gather data. There is still much controversy today about Skype cooperation with NSA in providing data about users and their communication. During civil war in Syria their hacking team managed to hack Skype server and send messages to all users from it. All this proves that Skype communication is not 100% secured, and this fact was exploited many times in past years by various teams. Today there are several genuine Skype Password Hack programs on the net. Unfortunately, even more of them are pure scams and even more, disguises for malicious software and viruses. We cannot tell you how to recognize working programs from scams, except to recommend always using antivirus programs with new virus definitions updated and full firewall activated before trying any program like Skype Password Hack.

Skype Hack Free Download

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